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Our goal in providing a broad set of unique services to our clients is to enable their needs and projects with industry experience and proven methodologies to drive success in their engagements. TCGI has a focused set of services based on our customers’ needs and our knowledge of the industries we serve along with our highly experienced professional consultants.

User Experience Advisory Services

At TCGI, we see the customer at the center of almost all transformation efforts. The keys element of most digital transformation projects today is the changes required with the interaction model and support for customer activity.

In our experience, we understand the following key drivers:

  • Personalized offers
  • Digital platforms to drive automation, intelligence and analytics
  • Deep connectivity from request to fulfillment
  • 24/7 availability
  • Real time inventory management
  • Dynamic pricing and offers

Our TCGI approach to this challenge is providing a discovery assessment to define the goals and path to a newer level of services. We then examine the processes, tools and solutions to define the changes needed to reach the targeted goals and service objectives. Our TCGI teams focus on your business not just the tools and technologies to enable the changes to make the improved goals for customer experience measurable and realistic within the processes and services that drive a better user engagement and increases the sales, satisfaction, and retention of your customers.

Our engagements provide the following benefits for our TCGI customers:

  • Pragmatic solutions to transform their customer experiences and engagement
  • Tangible CX transformation initiatives with benefits analysis
  • Realistic action plans
  • Solid best practices from multiple industries
  • Clear organizational and process change management and re-engineering
  • Measurable results-oriented solutions driven by KPIs and metrics we have developed

Cloud Migration Services

The transition from your own data center to a cloud data center is now a natural transition within all business today. The challenges are ensuring that cost, security and performance are managed and optimized during the transformation is a key goal of our TCGI cloud experts.


Our TCGI consultants have expertise in the following:

  • Cloud Strategy and roadmap development – with business cases and cost models
  • Infrastructure design and costing
  • Cloud architecture and managed services
  • Data center migration and service transformation

The TGCI methodology has been developed and driven by our professional to help our customers determine which applications to move and which cloud service type will provide a better value based on your goals. The process of migration is enabled with our experienced TCGI team, processes, and methodology along with our years of experience working with cloud solution providers for applications and services to allow the best choices to be made to technologies that are fast changing and evolving in the IT market.

The benefits our customers see are the following:

  • Lowered risk for over investing
  • Defined path to lower cost of operations
  • Improved plans for addressing the market
  • Clear plans for a long term partnership
  • Business insight for next generation of Client products
  • Higher probability of project success with detailed models for planning and implementation of cloud services
  • Knowledge transfer on cloud to our Client leadership so the full value of the cloud is understood
  • Support for creating a better revenue model instead of experimenting with pricing with clients

IT and Business Alignment and Rationalization Services

Most organizations today are challenged with the increasing cost of applications and technology platforms and struggle to ensure that investments in technology serve the business goals and objectives. Our TCGI strategy consultants are experienced professionals who have unique skills in bringing business drivers and objectives and mapping them to the technology services driving out gaps and identifying improvements to ensure that investments are giving the companies the best use of the investments.

The TCGI service portfolio includes the following services:

  • Business to IT Strategy alignment
  • Enterprise Architecture program design and implementation
  • Program and Application Portfolio assessment
  • IT Value Assessments

The linkage between business strategy and IT strategy is a unique challenge that we have solved for customers in various industries, using the latest strategies and methodologies driven by our experienced staff of senior technology professionals. We engage with tools and expertise that creates a common view of technology cost aligned to business services to enable clear and pragmatic plans for achieving new or changed IT services.

Our TCGI projects deliver:

  • Optimized alignment of resources, funds and technology to solve our clients planning issues
  • Expertise to augment and support business transformation with technology
  • Higher levels of collaboration between business and IT leaders
  • Solid alignment of vendor services and technology to solve the challenges of applying technology



Automation Services

Transforming our client’s workforce is a key service we at TCGI are offering to most of our clients that are faced with critical needs to offer more services, at a lower cost and for a more consistent level of quality sometimes without significant application changes or replacements.

An automation strategic plan is part of every organization’s initiative for transformation, and we enable this with performing assessments to create a roadmap for changing processes from manual to digital.

TCGI’s Automation Service portfolio includes:

  • Automation Assessments and roadmapping with business cases.
  • Tool and Service selection.
  • Process engineering to define the architecture and solutions needed
  • Automation COE and Factory design and build to enable the use of automation.
  • Architecture of BPA, RPA, M/L and AI services to solve the automation challenges.

We help with identifying the processes and services that are the best candidates for automation and transformation. Our partnerships and experience with industry leading solution providers allows us to choose the right tools for the right purpose for building the best optimized level of automation for most services performed from customer support to financial administration.

Our TCGI Automation Services initiatives derive the following benefits for our customers:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Transformation of processes to use digital workers
  • Enhanced use of automation to reduce errors and transactional process breakdowns
  • Cost savings and operational excellence with continuous improvements driven by tools and advanced services like AI
  • Increased scalability and growth without disruptions from major technology upgrades or application transformations

Our teams help customers establish labs or center of excellence teams to ensure they chose the right approach and drive the correct benefits and expectations from the automated process or function. We ensure that tools are utilized to their maximum benefits and value realization and most of all we at TCGI pride ourselves with engaging through the complete lifecycle from discovery to managed services.