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TCGi is a leader in delivering best-in-class Procurement and Supply Chain solutions.  We help our customers achieve their strategic objectives of streamlining processes, shrinking bloated supply chains, driving cost savings and risk mitigation, and increasing the utilization of diverse suppliers, among others. 

How do we drive value?

  • We take the time to fully understand each customer’s environment, processes, and spend history. By doing a deep-dive assessment of their historical spend data, we identify gaps, redundancies, ineffective supplier interactions, poor contract compliance, overspending, and opportunities for improvement.
  • We categorize each supplier into our proprietary ABCD matrix and recommend ways to consolidate, eliminate, and increase utilization of diverse suppliers and small and local businesses.
  • We leverage AI to deliver the most effective ways of sourcing goods and services on behalf of our customers, providing full visibility of every transaction.
  • We provide robust tracking and reporting on metrics that are important to each customer.
  • We deliver a rapid ROI, typically within 6 months, due to the savings and efficiency gains of our solutions.

Deep Dive Spend Analysis

TCGi leverages state-of-the-art technology and proprietary tools to break down typical spend data into actionable, insightful views.  Our many years of experience in this field allows us to easily spot areas of immediate opportunities for improvement and cost savings/avoidance.

We take the time during this critical first phase to iteratively present our findings as we work through the assessment and gain our customers’ validation of assumptions, insights, and process flows.  We build a foundation that drives value in the short term and for years to come.

Tail Spend Management

TCGi is a leader in Tail Spend Management and bring many years of experience to every customer engagement. We know how to deliver the best results by bringing the same level of rigor to managing the Tail as our customers bring to managing their strategic spend.  Oftentimes, there just isn’t enough time or resources to devote to the Tail where typically 80% of the total supply chain resides.  Encompassing 20% of the total budget, a well-managed Tail can yield 10-20% savings over a 3-year period.

Highlights of our Tail Spend solution include:


  • Automation of procurement requests
  • Competitive sourcing from a marketplace of over a million suppliers
  • Onboarding of new suppliers
  • Management of all aspects of each transaction
  • Focused delivery of opportunities to a broader base of diverse suppliers
  • Dashboard-driven metrics, tracking, and results
  • Significant reduction of suppliers
  • Conversion of a disparate, disjointed spend profile to a Tier 1 diverse spend


Other solutions include:

  • Vertical Managed Procurement
  • Contract Renewals Management