What are your sources for learning about best practice strategies related to IT procurement?

What are your sources for learning about best practice strategies related to IT procurement?

Considering the complexities of today’s IT environment and the fact it is a large-spend category, what are your sources, as a CPO, CFO, CIO or IT procurement specialist, for learning about best practice strategies related to IT procurement and managing information technology?

There are white papers, e-books, articles, webinars and many sources of information on the web regarding all areas of IT procurement but it has been my experience and probably most of yours, that nothing beats an in-person hands-on forum of like-minded individuals coming together to discuss common concerns.

Next week, beginning Monday June 1st in Denver, a 3-day conference known asProcureCon IT Sourcing, the only peer-led dedicated IT sourcing and vendor management event in North America, will bring together experts and IT procurement professionals with similar experiences to discuss and address challenges related to sourcing and managing information technology.

This is the newest of the ProcureCon events, as it originally launched 14 years ago to address purchasing strategies for manufacturing companies and has since expanded its focus to other procurement-related functions within other industries.

Shaped by 22 weeks of independent research conducted by an event team with over 8 years of procurement industry experience. It features a diverse range of industry experts as its speaking faculty who shape the topics based on their vast experience and recent industry developments.

It is incredibly collaborative as demonstrated by its roundtable and panel discussions as well as “Overcoming Pain Points” working groups. Attendees work together to discuss the latest strategies to develop actionable takeaways to be implemented once the event is over.

Take a gander at the topics covered on each of the conference days listed below—they are incredibly relevant and right on target with the everyday challenges faced by those responsible for IT Procurement.

Day 1: Software Licensing, Negotiation and Management, of which one of the panel discussions will take on the complicated issue of tracking and inventorying corporate IT assets, like who’s responsible and what do you do with all the information gathered.

Day2: Managing Relationships and Improving Processes, which is clearly an ongoing challenge on every Procurement leader’s radar screen. One of the discussions will be in a ‘fireside-chat’ format entitled, The CIO’s Perspective on IT Sourcing & Procurement: Where It Is Today and Where It Is Headed Tomorrow moderated by Avis Yates Rivers, CEO of TCGi (Technology Concepts Group international). She will dialogue and ask key questions about the CIO’s perspective on the all-important relationship between IT and procurement, with Rob Meilen, Vice President, Chief Information Officer of Hunter Douglas.

Day 3’s topic will be Cloud, Privacy and Global Initiatives which includes a panel discussion on Protecting Intellectual Property and Data When Negotiating Cloud Contracts. One of the take-a-ways from this session will be how to determine the true pricing of a cloud contract.

Whether you and your staff are attending or not, there will be so much useful information that will come from this conference. You can go to the ProcureCon media center and download white papers (at least 9 at the writing of this article) on various IT Procurement topics.

The power of these events is illustrated by one of the white papers contained in the media center, entitled The State of Procurement Transformation. It is a representative and comparative report that resulted from over 65 practitioners from national and multinational corporations, such as BP and Wells Fargo, filling out a benchmarking questionnaire while in attendance at the ProcureCon Indirect West event last September. The results were then synthesized into this report by the ProcureCon Team.

In discovering and developing best practice strategies relating to IT procurement and managing information technology, find the sources providing key information about the insights from lessons learned of those in similar trenches as yourself and your group.