Heath Tinsley

Heath Tinsley

Senior Sales Support Specialist

Heath is the Senior Sales Support Specialist for TCGi and BigVAR. He is responsible for supporting the sales team by providing quotes to customers for products and support renewals, processing all purchase orders, and supporting customers through order tracking and problem resolution throughout the order lifecycle.

Heath has 14 years of experience in this role. He started as a Customer Service Specialist with Perfect Order / Versatile Systems, Inc. in 2005, supporting a large sales team for this VAR (Value Added Reseller) working in the IT solutions space. Along with being a customer service representative, he began managing customer IT support contracts as part of the maintenance team by providing proactive renewal quotes to facilitate contract renewal and helping customers avoid coverage lapses for all their IT hardware and software. He later also took on the role of Purchasing Coordinator, processing all customer orders and maintaining strong relationships with vendors and distributors.

Heath has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State University. Prior to his sales support roles, he worked for 8+ years in human services, acting as a mental health case manager coordinating mental health services and providing support for children with mental health needs in residential, school, home, and community settings.

In his free time, Heath is an avid sports fan. He enjoys playing golf, as well as playing baseball, basketball, tennis, and shooting pool with his 3 kids.