Dawna Colbert

Dawna Colbert

(In memoriam) Procurement Operations Manager

We honor one of the original members of the TCGI team. It was in no small measure, through her hard work, dedication, industry knowledge and her attention paid to enhancing great customer relationships, that has allowed TCGi to succeed and thrive. And Dawna did all this while battling cancer.

We all shared champagne on the occasion of the announcement of her remission last year. Unfortunately, after fighting a good and valiant fight, Dawna passed away in May. We were all broken-hearted at the news. Her daughter, Daria, has come to our office several times and ironically has brought the whole team here, comfort, with her light and joy. Dawna was family and we all consider Daria and her family part of ours, always!

In addition to being our SAP expert and key member of the eProcure™ development team, she led TCGi’s volunteer efforts including Elijah’s Promise, the Franklin Food Drive and the 2016 Christmas Toy Drive in our building at 285 Davidson.

At Dawna’s funeral, in honor of her extraordinary life and service, Avis announced the Dawna J. Colbert Scholarship,  whose purpose is “To provide funds for female and/or minority college students desiring to study Computer Science, IT or Engineering“. A 501(c)(3) is currently pending, awaiting IRS review. Donations can be given now and will be tax deductible once the charity gets its tax ID.  Please email Elizabeth Shelton at eshelton@technologyconcepts.com with your pledge amount.

Dawna’s 9 year old grandson has pledged the first dollar to honor his “Nana”. Check back on our website for future updates.

Dawna was also a highly athletic individual. She was an avid runner, cyclist and personal fitness trainer.