TCGi Summer Intern Blog Series #2: Sama Manchanda – 3D Printing & Solar Cars

TCGi Summer Intern Blog Series #2: Sama Manchanda – 3D Printing & Solar Cars

Hi! My name is Sama (pronounced like summer with a Brooklyn accent) and I am one of the three interns working at TCGi this summer. My internship involved working on the data procurement team. The two people I have interacted most with are, Margaretta, the company controller and Sandhya, the IT and implementation specialist. There is a lot to learn about procurement and they certainly provided tremendous guidance.

Pictured above are the 3 interns working at TCGi this summer. See their great enthusiasm.

The primary function of my work is to make sure all the data is running smoothly through our cloud based, asset management and procurement software system, eProcure™.  The data can be quotations, purchase orders, invoices and other related information. The team and our clients must have access to this data at any time. It is great seeing automation in action from what would I could see would have been quite a tedious and repetitive process.   

I am a rising sophomore studying Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles. Some of the activities I am involved in on campus include 3D Printing for Everyone (3D4E), the Southern California Solar Car Team, Robogals (teaching robotics to young girls in the Los Angeles area), and Corpus Callosum (a club devoted to exploring art in engineering). A few of my future goals include finding a way to bring 3D printing to the emergency medicine field as well as working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

This summer, in addition to working at TCGi, I am taking a differential equations class at Rutgers University where I am learning everything from solving basic, first order linear differential equations to complex systems of differential equations using matrices and some linear algebra. Differential equations are an advanced form of calculus that can have many real life usages such as:  

  1. In medicine for modelling cancer growth or the spread of disease
  2. In engineering for describing the movement of electricity
  3. In chemistry for modelling chemical reactions and to compute radioactive half life
  4. In economics to find optimum investment strategies

I am also volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician at my local rescue squad and volunteering to teach Robotics to kids from Newark through a program called StreetSquash Newark.











I coordinate and train a group of high school and college students to teach basic computer programming and introductory robotics skills to a group of middle and high school students from underprivileged backgrounds in New Jersey. Our goal is to introduce the kids to the computer science field and encourage them to pursue the field in the future. The program trains students to use the Lego Mindstorms bricks and various Lego parts to build a robot. From there, the students are able to use the Mindstorms programming software which uses visual tools to write a program (instead of an actual programming language) so that students can grasp the fundamentals of programming such as using variables, loops, and conditionals. The high school and college age mentors aid me in developing lesson plans that will teach new programming concepts, challenge the students to think outside the box, and have fun!

TCGi is and will be extremely valuable towards my advocacy in STEM and my career.  This summer has been a great opportunity. Fight On!