Tail Spend Management

manage low-value purchasing for better efficiency

More Efficient Spending

Optimize your organization’s spending patterns and identify improvement opportunities.

Gain Greater Visibility

Control your costs by gaining greater insight into your organization’s tail spend.

Reduce Waste

Spend your budget more effectively while significantly reducing areas of waste.

Simplify Your Buying

Effectively control IT tail spend by consolidating and simplifying procedures and policies.

Reducing Costs and Eliminating Waste

 TCGi makes it simpler for you to develop a successful spending strategy by acquiring a more comprehensive understanding of your organization’s tail spend – those low-dollar purchases that are not strategically managed and lack the best negotiated prices and terms. Our holistic evaluation of your tail spend is crucial to the effectiveness of your organization’s procurement process. We leverage our research and analysis of your tail spend to lower the costs of software and on-going maintenance significantly.

The Process

Step 1: Consolidate Vendors

TCGi will help your organization optimize its spending by helping you leverage your existing vendors. We start by reviewing your current vendor list to identify opportunities for consolidation.

Step 2: Renegotiate and Bundle New Contracts to Leverage Spend

TCGi helps your organization reduce costs by renegotiating your more recent contracts.

Step 3: Aggregate Orders and Reduce Multiple Transactions

By consolidating your purchasing activities, TCGi significantly reduces the transaction volume.

Step 4: Save Time and Money on Low-Value Purchasing

TCGi leverages low-value purchasing to help drive down costs and free up your staff to work on higher value activities.

Ready to take control of your tail spend?

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