Summer Intern Blog Series #1: Natalie Brooks – My time at TCGi

Summer Intern Blog Series #1:         Natalie Brooks – My time at TCGi

My name is Natalie Brooks and I am one of three interns working at TCGi for the summer. I go to Virginia Tech and will be heading into my Junior year this fall.

Here at TCGi I am working very closely with the data analytics team which includes Kathleen DeAngelis, Director of Client Services and several other data analytics specialists. I help analyze data that our clients provide and create visuals of that data using our proprietary spend analytics software.

The majority of the analysis that I work on relates to Tail Spend Management. One part of Tail Spend is the 10s of 1000s or more of low value transactions that a corporation makes each year that can become a challenge to manage. TCGi software helps track them and provides a means to consolidate them, resulting in significant cost savings for the respective company.

My major at Virginia Tech is Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA). So TCGi provided me with an incredible opportunity to put into real-world practice some of what I have been studying. Here is an example of the data analysis I worked on, showing a spend range comparison for a particular global company:

I have a very active life outside of my academic studies. I work at the VT bookstore. I participate in many different intramural sports, such as: soccer, flag football, volleyball and softball. I also like to spend time giving back.

In June, I was the leader of a mission trip in Philadelphia (my 8th year there and 2nd time as a leader). My group and I spent a week volunteering for different organizations helping the homeless and low-income families. It also included mornings doing yard work and packaging food for the sick. And afternoons at a summer camp being attentive to the needs of 4-13 year olds. See photos below.  

I am happy to report that for the fall semester, I will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I am so excited for this unique opportunity to see other parts of the world and experience different cultures. While there, I will be taking Italian, cooking, photography and a wine class. There will be so many things to learn and experience, that I look forward to putting into good use when I get back home. This will be an experience that I will cherish the rest of my life. 

My time at TCGi has been such an invaluable experience. I got to participate on customer calls that included CEO Avis Yates Rivers, providing my data analysis insights. Working and learning from incredible data experts like Kathleen and Kevin. I got to see how powerful a data tool Excel can be and getting to analyze real corporate data with TCGi’s data analytics system has really given me a new perspective on data analysis. In fact, I intend on using what I learned and applying it back at school.

Playing such an important role in the heart of the action at a firm like TCGi was priceless for me. I am thankful for the opportunity that Avis has provided. And overall grateful for my experience at TCGi.

I look forward to being back next summer!


In the photo below, interns, Sarah, Sama and Natalie express their excitement at interning at TCGi this summer.: