IT Asset Management

(Including Software Asset Management (SAM))


Optimized Asset Management

Make more efficient and effective use of your software assets.

Greater Control

Take charge and make your organization more profitable.

Avoid Costly Noncompliance Fines

Maintain positive relationships with software manufacturers.

More Effective Spending

Eliminate unnecessary spending on licenses & maintenance.

TCGi has developed an innovative approach to IT asset management that makes it easier for your IT organization to function more efficiently. We simplify the process so you can manage multiple vendors and keep spending under control simultaneously. Our customized program lets you focus on what’s really important: maintaining your company’s IT operations.

The Process

Step 1: Assess Current Asset Portfolio

TCGi evaluates your current asset portfolio to identify areas of opportunity.

Step 2: Reconcile Installed vs. Purchased Licenses

TCGi provides an accurate assessment of your current license deployments to eliminate money wasted on unused licenses while reducing your annual spend on support agreements.

Step 3: Capture and Automate to Manage Entitlements

Using TCGi proprietary software and processes, we automate entitlements and monitor usage of deployed software in your environment.

Step 4: Ensure Compliance via the Right Tools and Processes

TCGi implements a comprehensive license management strategy that helps your organization remain in compliance.

Ready to eliminate software license waste while ensuring compliance?

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