Managed Print Services for Resellers

If you are a reseller delivering services and products such as Ink, IT services, and more, our Printer Sales Automation Tool (P-SAT) can help you monitor your customers’ print fleets and help you sell consolidated orders of ink.

Stop calling around blindly

Know when your customers need to buy whether is ink, toner or a new printer.

It can also help you identify when problem printers should be replaced.

This valuable information will help you supply your customers with superior service while saying you time and money. This will increase your revenue and profits while saving your customers money.

Here is what we did for an award-winning distribution & logistics company.

First, we accessed all the digital printers our customer had and determined their value, measured their performance and calculated their cost. Sounds complicated? It’s not. We will show you how.
Second, we then identified which printers to keep and which ones we recommended replacing. This insight can save your customer money.
After the refresh you can monitor, calculate and order all supplies before they are needed, so your customers will not run out.

For more information watch the replay of our Magic Wand Webinar.

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