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Since the advent of MPS and more importantly, the sales of photocopiers under MPS contracts, the only software developed to deliver MPS operates from a billing perspective.

In a typical MPS contract, the supplier installs data collection software. This software is predominantly used to read the meter on the printer so that the customer can be billed for mono and color pages printed. Generally, this is done on a quarterly cycle.

In other words, the only software that the PRINT industry at large developed is billing software.

Our Printer Sales Automation Tool is the only software that provides:

Forecasted usage

For example, a printer in an accounts department may have 90% ink left in the last week of a given month. Because P-SAT has learned the device’s usage pattern, it would have already forecasted that this machine would be doing payroll at the end of the month and that it would need two extra cartridges.

Device Retirement Forecast

A machine failure at any time can be detrimental to a given business. Our P-SAT monitors every error produced by the machine and delivers what we call a Device Retirement Forecast.

Print Optimization

You can monitor your entire fleets closely and help drive efficiency and optimization through that existing fleet. P-SAT help sweat the asset and advise whether each machine is the right machine for the environment in which it has been placed. A machine that is too small for the team it serves can burn through lots of ink and be very costly. A machine that is too big for the team it serves may end up being too costly because of the cost of the machine itself.

Whether you are a business with 5 machines or 5,000 machines our solution is guaranteed to help you.


All we need from a typical customer is information about current printing practices. To provide this, please answer the the following questions in preparation for an initial conversation –

  1. Do you currently have an MPS contract?
  2. How many printers do you have?
  3. What make(s) and model(s) are they?
  4. How much do you print? Answers can be cartridges used per model of printer per month or number of mono/color pages printed per printer per month.

For more information watch the replay of our Magic Wand Webinar.

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