Getac Mobile Devices vs. Boxed Mobile Devices

Getac Mobile Devices vs. Boxed Mobile Devices

We have heard on the street that some businesses are buying non-rugged computers and adding boxes to protect them, because it is “cheaper”.

I emphasize the word cheaper because it is not necessarily cost-effective when you look at the total cost of ownership. If these computers are being used inside, they may not need a rugged device.  Just something to protect them from drops. However, computers that are used primarily outside or in vehicles, may need more protection and features. Getac mobile laptops and tablets are DESIGNED TO BE RUGGED FROM THE GROUND UP, not as an afterthought. Here are some advantages of purchasing a rugged computer or tablet:

• Waterproofing: One box brand (no names here) is fitted on the back with a rectangular opening covered by rubber access plugs. The opening can be used to bring cables outside the case when the computer is in use. While the flap fits tightly into the opening, it might loosen or come out, which is likely why the manufacturers warns that the cases should not be immersed in water.  Really!  We don’t do it on purpose.



  • Rugged Environments: Boxes don’t protect well in extreme temperature.  Getac has a wider operating temperature range -5.8° F to 140° F (-21°C to 60°C).  This means a more reliable device in various environments & climates than the competition.  Getac products survive exposure to rain, snow and very low temperatures as well.  Leaving your mobile device in your vehicle will not freeze or fry it.



  • Sunlight visibility: Holding your computer or tablet under the dashboard to read it doesn’t work.  Believe me, I have tried.  You need sunglasses for your device.  Getac’s proprietary QuadraClear® and LumiBond® 2.0 technologies provide the strongest and best viewable displays in the industry and make the F110 much more usable in direct sunlight.


  • Warranties: Does your box manufacturer replace just the box or the mobile device also?  Getac offers three to five-year warranties on its products.  That is the case and the device.  Manufacturers of boxes generally offer one-year warranties on the box.  Are you ready to replace your mobile device boxes every year and your device when your box fails?  What is the failure rate of boxes cases?  Have you included these costs into your total cost of ownership?


  • Convenient Returns: With one of the lowest annual failure rates in the computer industry, Getac computers are built-to-survive.  However, if a repair is needed, for certain devices, Getac will send a DHL courier to pack the computer up and dispatch it to one of their service hubs. Once repaired, DHL will return it in the same way, fully protected.


  • Gloved hands for outside work: The Getac F110 works just as well with gloved hands as it does with bare fingertips.  Users don’t need to remove their gear in order to interact with the display. That’s not just a matter of simple convenience. It could mean saving the few precious seconds that make the difference between life and death for devices being used by emergency professionals.  This is also critical, when working outdoors in extremely cold conditions.

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Rugged vs Non Rugged – Competitive Comparison