Diversified Procurement

Diversified Procurement


It’s a word you hear quite often. While this is especially true in the tech industry, companies in every sector are working to promote diversity. It’s an issue that has become increasingly important.

The fact that the United States’ demographic landscape is rapidly changing gives this issue even more weight. As a matter of fact, companies that fail to focus on diversity will find it
harder to maintain their competitive edge in the years to come.

For the companies that decide to take diversity seriously, there will be tremendous opportunities. This is especially true when it comes to procurement.

Supplier diversity should be a critical component of any procurement operations. If your procurement department begins to promote diversity in its pool of suppliers, you will be making changes that will greatly benefit the organization as a whole.

This ebook will help you better understand supplier diversity, how it can benefit your organization, and some of the challenges involved in pushing a supplier diversity initiative