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Cloud/SaaS, Network, Mobile & Endpoint Security

Best known for its network firewalls, Check Point now has firewalls for your mobile devices, your emails and the cloud. Its Infinity security management architecture provides a consolidated security approach for your enterprise security needs.

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, firewalls become a more integral part of a company’s security. Using its invasive resistant technology, Check Point’s Zero-Day Protection takes a prevent-first approach, rather than detecting threats after breaches occur and isolating the malware. Check Point Infinity offers several solutions for:

  • Cloud Security – CloudGuard
  • Mobile Security – SandBlast Mobile
  • Network Security – Quantum Security Gateways
  • Security Management – R80
  • Next Gen Threat Protection – Quantum
  • SaaS & Office 365 Email Security – SandBlast

What is your company using for security in the Cloud, Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, G Suite and more?

The default security is not enough in today’s environment. More than just a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), CloudGuard SaaS blocks attacks intended to steal data on SaaS applications and cloud email (See white paper below). It protects attachments and downloads. It also eliminates account takeovers by detecting unauthorized access, using transparent, strong authentication to block account hijacks. Phishing attacks and email spoofing are stopped using CloudGuard’s engines that analyze hundreds of indicators like language and email meta-data to block more phishing techniques than any other solution or CASB.  Read the Gimv company case study in which Check Point solutions provide a single pane of glass from which to control cloud and on-premise security.  TCGi – check-point-gimv-cloud-security-case-study

Protect Corporate Data on Mobile Devices

The world has gone mobile. And so have hackers. Mobile attacks more than doubled in 2019, according to Gartner. Only SandBlast Mobile, the market-leading mobile threat defense solution, will keep your organization and your sensitive data safe.

The best security Meets the Ultimate Hardware

During these challenging times, companies are focused on three needs that are critical for any enterprise network today:

  • Having security that stops cyber-attacks as they happen
  • The ability to handle any type of growth on demand
  • Unified products that speed up operations

This is the best security offering in TCGi’s Check Point portfolio, with full Threat Prevention plus Threat Extraction and Emulation technologies. It doesn’t just stop there, the Quantum Security Gateways TM  have the ultimate combination of hardware including the latest CPUs, modularity and customization through expansion slots, 100% Enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD), a second power supply unit, and lights out management. If you’re looking for maximum flexibility in network connectivity, the Quantum 26000 features 8 expansion slots.

Expose Cyber Threats with a Security Checkup.

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