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Costly Ordering Practices

Are You Ordering Onesies or Placing Costly Emergency Orders of Ink/Toner?  (It’s Too Late When the Toner Alert Comes On)

How Healthy Is Your Equipment?

What Do Those Error Messages Tell You About The Health Of That Machine?  Are You Buying Supplies For A Machine That Needs To Be Replaced?  Is your Printer at Its End Of Life and You Didn’t Know?

Right Size Your Fleet.

Too Many Or To Few Printers?  How Do You Know when You Have The Optimal Configuration of Printers In Your Fleet?

Drive Efficency!

Are the printers in your fleet placed in the right location? Over or Under Use of Printers Wastes Money.

Printer Sales Automation Tool (P-SAT)

The entire supply chain reacts when the printer gives a “low toner alert.” Reacting to this situation can mean running out of ink at the wrong time, over ordering to prevent running out and even bulk ordering which sometimes can result in lots of money being wasted if the machine itself is on its last legs or dies soon after the order has been placed/received. Ordering reactively means not ordering effectively.

Instead of reacting to the devices saying low toner alert, Our Printer Sales Automation Tool (P-SAT) treats printers like a modern car. It monitors the print habits of the user and based on that, forecasts when the device will run out of ink. This just in time methodology ensures printer fleet efficiency.


P-SAT – your “Magic Wand” … bring your three wishes

Additionally, P-SAT provides data on printer usage or over usage and printer viability This data will help make sure you or your customers don’t order $1,000’s worth of ink just before a printer fails (It monitors printer errors). Instead P-SAT will help plan for replacement machines proactively.

Introducing the gold standard of printer sales automation. A new tool that is innovating the digital printer fleet industry in the UK, helping to bring efficiencies.

Now available in the U.S.!

What does that means to you if you are:

  • A printer or ink cartridge reseller – You can forecast when your customers need to buy whether is supplies or a new printer. No more calling or emailing customers to find out what they need, you know. (Click here for more information.)
  • A digital printer or printer facilities manager – You can forecast when you need to buy toner or other suppliers as much as 30 days ahead. Cut down on those last-minute purchases and save. (Click here for more information.)
  • A managed print provider – You can have transparency over your entire printer fleet, forecast usage, devise retirement forecasts and print optimization to drive efficiency. (Click here for more information.)

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