Equipment Leasing & Financing


Be More Agile

Quickly adapt to constantly changing business needs.

Be More Flexible

Manage equipment life cycles with flexible end-of-life options.

Save Time & Money

Formulate and implement more effective acquisition strategies.

Maintain Affordability

Optimize payment plans to match revenues

Conserving and Reserving Cash

TCGi leasing and financing services provide an easy and affordable solution for your IT equipment needs with customized leasing programs that minimize risk and lower your equipment costs.

The Process

Step 1: Eliminate large capital outlays

TCGi reviews IT and procurement plans to document and assess projected capital acquisitions.

Step 2: Establish stable and consistent multi-year payment terms

TCGi strategically plans, acquires, and manages IT leasing or financing terms that provide the optimal financial results.

Step 3: Provide leased asset data

TCGi provides you with easy access to the location and status of all leased assets, helping you plan for the right end-of-life options and get the most of your budget dollars.

Step 4: Submit flexible end-of-term options

TCGi supports lifecycle management by providing flexible end-of-life options that can quickly respond to your ever-changing business needs.

Ready to Optimize your Equipment Leasing & Financing?

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